2015 Project

Camp Arena – Brigata Julia –
Herat (Afghanistan)

Eva Seminara is a proud member of Confartigianato supporting staff in the international artisan mission training Afghan craftsmen.


The four artisans at the service of Julia Alpine Brigade in Herat
Photo by Messaggero Veneto Udine

Brigata Julia and Confartigianato Udine train Afghan craftsmen

Artisan training for Afghan workers is the focus of a cooperation project fielded by the Julia Alpine Brigade and Confartigianato Udine. The initiative has been illustrated in recent days over the course of a press conference, which saw Brigadier General Michele Risi, commander of TAACW-Train Advise Assist Command West, connected in video conference with Tilatti Graziano, president the Friuli association. The courses will be held at the Italian base of Camp Area to redevelop and facilitate Afghan workers’ reintegration into the local socio-economic fabric. Educational activities and practices will cover the month of August, when artisans part of Confartigianato Udine will join the Alpine Brigade Julia to conduct courses in carpentry and plumbing for the male staff and aesthetics and hairdresser for female staff. The project, supported by the governor of Herat, Mohammad Asif Rahimi, is part of a broader framework to redevelop and revitalize the economy of the Province, starting from craft enterprises. In fact, in recent months, Herat hosted events such as the Fair of Local Products and the Jobs Fair that brought hundreds of entrepreneurs and put them in touch with local workers to discuss the opening of new businesses. (Red)



Since January 2015, the NATO mission in Afghanistan has changed, transforming itself from a security mission to a RS-Resolute Support one, where the Afghan armed forces are the only responsible for the security of their country. The coalition, including the Italian contingent, remain in assistance to the Army and the Afghan police.

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