Continuing vocational trainings

Legatoria Moderna


In 2014 ‘Legatoria Moderna’  (Modern Bookbinding)  was recognized SCHOOL WORKSHOP by the  Friuli Venezia Giulia  Region
and participates in the project “School of Crafts Shops in FVG” for the promotion and diffusion of the culture of craftsmanship.
Since many years   ‘Legatoria Moderna’ (Modern Bookbinding)   takes part in projects of school-work, in the province,  with institutions of higher secondary education in Udine as well as with the University of Trieste.


‘Legatoria Moderna’ (Modern Bookbinding ) joins the “MASTERS OF CRAFTS” project Confartigianato Udine, which aims to bring pupils of primary schools in the artisans’ work , bringing the classroom a little “taste” of the culture of know-how and its products.


What is Confartigianato Association

Established in 1946, Confartigianato Association accompanies companies as they evolve, combining traditional ancient trades and innovative activities using advanced technologies.
Confartigianato Imprese protects and promotes the productive heritage of Italy: the pride, ability, and expertise of artisans and small business owners who work and who give work to others in our country. Confartigianato Imprese defends Italian excellence and everything that is “done well”.