Classical leather bindings and parchment

The book is a multisensorial experience, not just reading / culture, but is also  tactile, olfactory and auditory pleasure. The leather bindings (or half leather) and parchment that Modern Bookbinding offers multiply the feelings that the volume brings, amplifying them. The flavor of the old days will be find certainly in the ribs and gilded carvings that can be achieved on the backs of the books in parchment or leather split, while the contemporary taste will appreciate the softness of the nappa and the sobriety of some “full bloom” leather.
Not only you can retrieve old or ancient volumes, presenting a cover style appropriate to the subject, but it is also interesting to create new content for a vintage dress, thus creating a work of art. Try, experiment and invent a library really special ..


Eva customizes and offer a line of products especially designed for your needs and preferred style….
From your good ideas we will give birth to a new brand handmade product, only for you!