Crisscross binding

Anne Goy, a brilliant Belgian binder, introduced the first model made with this technique in 1986, but for many years the origin of this ligation remained shrouded in  a mystery, and his name was only ” secret Belgian seam “. In fact recently it was revealed motherhood and was christened “Crisscross tying”  for the type of movement of the wire during the ligation.
The dossiers, first hand-sewn between them, are then joined to the cover with this technique that allows the complete opening of the pages and does not require the use of adhesives.
The four models of diary you see in these images  were made with covers of different materials, but the binding is for all  CRISSCROSS. The diary will fully open, the front cover can be folded back so as to ensure a solid base for the writing on travel.


CCA – In this model the cover is made in burnished and treated stainless, shaped from time to time in a different way. It will be very difficult to find two diaries equal in the world! Author of panel is Fabio Comelli -Studio Creative – Nimis (UD), which, if requested, can perform customizations.

CCC – In this model the cover is made of laminated gray or black cardboard. Possibly at the request Eva Seminara can perform customizations  with hot embossing, as an alternative to the proposed themes (in the image provided clichés taken from etchings by Tiepolo) engraving a name or phrase on the third panel of the cover, which is what closes on the right.

CCL – In this model the cover is made of poplar wood “veneer Alps”, laser cut and finished with citrus oil.  Author of the panels is Sandro Maiero of the Maiero Ivano snc – Tavagnacco (UD), which possibly at the request of the customizations can perform recording with the laser the third panel of the cover, ie the one which closes to the right.

CCR – In this model the cover is made of translucent resin and glass fiber, with dried leaves and elements of carbon. His trademark is the uniqueness of each piece, in fact
it will be virtually impossible to find two identical diaries because both the leaves and the positioning of the same change from time to time. The panels are made in collaboration with the Lamar Udine Srl Remanzacco – UD.
Always of resin, but with aluminum inserts, was made the particular cover of the volume “the crazy soldier” presented to Pordenone Law in 2013.


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